Train yourself to be as disciplined as a professional athlete.

Last weekend we witnessed the first ever NBA Basketball Game ever played on African soil. It was truly a privilege to watch these supreme athletes performing at the top of their game, in a sport in which some of the top players are paid over $100m a year.

The highlight for me personally was seeing two of the greatest basketball players of my own generation, and probably amongst the greatest in history take to the court!

__Hakim Olajuwon (age: 52), and Dikembe Mutombo (age: 49), both came on for a few minutes, and showed us what they could still do. I could see tears in the eyes of many older fans. It was truly awesome to be able to say, “I saw them play again.” 

Later as I reflected about the game and what lessons I wanted to share with you, one word came back to me over and over again: 


Whenever I am reflective I’m led to something the Tentmaker said:
__”In a race everyone runs, but only one person gets first prize. So run your race to win. To win the contest you must deny yourselves many things that would keep you from doing your best. An athlete goes to all this trouble just to win a blue ribbon or a silver cup, but we do it for a heavenly reward that never disappears.

So I run straight to the goal with purpose in every step. I fight to win. I’m not just shadow-boxing or playing around. Like an athlete I punish my body, treating it roughly, training it to do what it should, not what it wants to. Otherwise I fear that after enlisting others for the race, I myself might be declared unfit and ordered to stand aside.”

__1 Corinthians 9:24-27 (Living Bible, The – TLB)
There is a discipline to go through, if you want to succeed even in business or a professional career. It’s not just about being talented or gifted. You have to be disciplined, with yourself, and your habits.

The athlete knows that he must subject himself to a strict training and dietary regime, to be successful.
There is a discipline for the kind of life you want to lead, even as an entrepreneur:

__You must be disciplined in how you spend and allocate your time.

__You must be disciplined in how you spend and allocate your money.

__You must be disciplined in how you prepare yourself every day. Don’t be careless or go into meetings unprepared.

__ You must be disciplined in how you present yourself to others, including those you work with every day.

__You must be disciplined about where you go. Always knowing why you are going, what you hope to accomplish, and how long you should be there.

__You must be serious, if you want others to take you seriously. And it all boils down to your personal discipline.

__ You must be disciplined in not only setting goals, and training for them, but also in how you evaluate your accomplishments with respect to those goals.
You must also choose your friends carefully; “If you walk with the wise, you will be wise.”

In relationships it is best to be either raising others, or being raised yourself through others. Horizontal relationships where you are simply looking for companionship, do not necessarily benefit you; keep them to an absolute minimum, and manage all your relationships with discipline and respect.
Discipline is a companion to the quality consistency that I have spoken about before. Without these two, you have an uphill task to accomplish anything of significance no matter what your passion is.
In a few days we shall resume the last three #AfricanLionessRoar series.

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Role models for sale

My little son looks up to me, but will he always look up to me? Will he like his father choose to be a Doctor or like the man next door choose to be a politician?


Supposing he knows his father is being harassed left, right and center by colleagues to come practise abroad?

Supposing he knows his father is being owed but is still  expected to save lives?

Supposing he knows his father works in a very hostile environment?

Supposing he knows that a councillor can siphon in one month, what his father makes in 10 years?

Supposing he knows a Senator drives in cars that can build a cottage hospital in his village?

Supposing he knows that the man that embezzled the money meant for the construction of the very bad Road in his village , will be made a chief by his villagers?

Supposing he knows that the police I try to call and their number is unavailable… Follow the politician next door in droves?

Supposing he finds out that the politician next door has 21 cars including an ambulance packed in his garage.. But the community hospital has no ambulance?

Supposing he knows that those who cause sufferings are celebrated and honoured, but those that steal food to eat are burnt by their captors?

Supposing he knows that the noble and highly esteemed are those that either cling to a tricoloured umbrellas which they use under a shade or hold brooms they can’t use due to several years of using the vacuum cleaner?

Supposing he knows that the newly appointed councillor already has 3 chieftaincy titles, but no one will look at the face of his dad for now?

Supposing he knows people will be more willing to wear uniforms with the faces of their favourite politician.. And will be more willing to defend their cause than even the God his father serves?

Will he chose to be like his dad, or like the politician next door?

Written by Dr Ovunda Nyeche.

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Producing an Epic

Producing an epic is never easy meat. An epic tells of heroic and historic themes showcased to inspire or buttress the impressive achievements of a person, persons or sect. Epics are important because of the message they communicate; they do more than just tell stories. The idea is to bring the great feats of the yesterdays into today in such a way that viewers are inspired and informed of these inspiring achievements. Producing one hence involves a lot but is also applaud able when successfully accomplished.

The storyline of the Epic is the most important part of the production. Epics celebrate laudable achievements characterized by uncommon wisdom or bravery of the hero or heroine. The first stage is the content of the production. Who is this hero or heroes? What remarkable thing have they achieved in their world? By asking such questions, you are attempting creating a story path. Epics might not necessarily be of events that have happened in the past; it could be fictional but the theme of bravery and heroism must be underlined.

If one’s epic story is of something in the past then it is essential the details are accurate. You don’t tell a story of Odyssey and attribute it to Macbeth. This means research and accurate information is essential. You will have to involve someone else; a person, friend, a corporation depending on how large your work is. If it is a massive project then you might have to put up a proposal to the film producers. If smaller however you might just talk to a couple of friends.

The location of the shooting of your epic should deplete as much as possible the setting of your story. If your story happened in the thirteenth century then it is wrong giving it a modern day setting. This could means talking with location managers or like in modern times most of these are accomplished by a series of computer graphics. It is not easy bringing yesterday into today but it is essential your eventual viewers will relate with the storyline just as it happened as though they were present there themselves.

The size of one’s production will determine the involvements. For one hoping to make a massive production then involving the big movie companies might be necessary. If however it is low key may be for a local or school presentation then it might not get so demanding financially but money plays a big role in production. Such production will involve a lot of people and they must be catered for. For such there will be a heavy budget especially if the movie is anticipated to cart in some money too.

Epics are important in getting today’s people who might not have lived several years ago when these events happened to have a visual on how these events took place. Producing an epic is challenging too in that the actors must be able to interpret the roles and play them flawlessly. However everything depends on how massive this project is intended. If for the big stage then large production corporations could be involved but if on a smaller scale then your best friend Tim might have to become Romeo and your little sister Amy would be Juliet.

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The End of Television As We Know It

No one would argue that TV has not been an important and has not had its significant place in history. There were times when all focus was on the TVs. People had more time for the TV than they had for themselves. More and more TV stations were propping up from everywhere and started knocking horns for the ‘soul’ of their viewers. The TVs themselves also made significant transitions; from the box TVs to the slimmer versions of today. However it is clear so much of that has changed today.

The principle of modern TV has not come to completely wipe away TV but more like to stream it into where the world is headed to at the moment. Yesterday’s world was much slower and less intense as today’s. Today, it is sheer luxury for people to seat endless hours before the TVs. Even the unemployed sect cannot afford such luxury. The world has gone on-the-go. Getting the prescribed six hours of sleep daily is not even feasible for some anymore talk more of spending hours before the TV.

Today’s TV is not seating at home in the sitting room waiting to display the goings on around the world to those at home; No. Today’s TV is smaller, it is hand held, and it can be put in the pocket, accessed any and every time when the owner wants to with the same programs or similar ones available. Most people only have spare times on the way to work, at lunch, on the way back (when they are not the ones driving) and probably couple of hours before bedtime.

Today’s gadgets have won over the heart of today’s world. There are endless streams of devices laptops, Ipads, mobile phones and other sophisticated devices that have made life easier and more exciting. Coupled with the mother of all; the Internet, today’s world is distracted away from TV to these fancy gadgets. Everything yesterday’s TV could offer, these devices can do much more and with newer and more concise ones hitting the market on a daily basis, the world is looking up rather than back at the good old TV.

It is not surprising that the world has moved its gaze away from the old TV to the ‘new’ TV types today. One usually would measure what differences these two offers and know that responding as the world has is only instinctive. One major difference is the fact that one grants Control whereas the other does not. You can choose the channel you want on the old TV but not what program the channel will show. These ‘new’ TVs will let you choose whatever you want to watch and when too.

It is no doubt that we are at the end of the old TV. The fast paced world does not have such people who would be glued before a box dictating what shows or movies or programs you must watch. Today’s people will choose what they want to watch, when they watch it and for as long as they want it. The big question really is; What does the old TV have to offer that these new ones can? No wonder they are referred to as old; they have become irrelevant and old fashioned.

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Behind The Scenes of TV Production

Before the beautiful displays that grace our screens are possible, it takes lots and lots of planning and work. It usually does not appear that way from the ‘viewers’ point but there are different categories of people who in failure to fulfill their part of the task could ruin or make the production impossible. For instance before the movies are possible, it takes days, weeks, months and for some even years to achieve that and of course a lot of monetary resources are put to use.

Before a program, drama or show is aired on the TV, it undergoes so many stages of production; first can be termed preproduction. This involves the idea generation; someone thought it out and probably starts writing the scripts. The script writing could involve research from previous works or from professionals whose ingenuity would be handy in that production. Depending on the strata of administration, the next stage could involve writing a proposal presenting the idea to a higher authority. If this gets approved, production gets underway.

Not all programs are produced within the shores of a TV station. The production of a program might require a different location especially if there are unique ‘touches’ to it. For instance, if the program is “FISH WATCH” then the shooting and location would be around the habitat of the fishes. The location crew is usually responsible for ‘locating’ the suitable location and making necessary arrangements for its use. For some this would include accommodation, feeding, transport and general welfare of all those ‘on location’.

In shooting a program for air, Cameras are used. Depending on how large the firm is and what kind of program is being shot, there might be as many as between three to seven cameras all manned by cameramen or women. Their shots go simultaneously on the image on the screen and before anyone goes on air before the cameras, the costume managers ensure they are dressed well and rightly. They are also ‘made-up’ before going on the cameras to ensure they are looking their best.

The Directors are in charge of what images the cameras will shoot, the angles to the shown on the screen for the viewers and whether or not the presenters or actors (depending on what program it is) are interpreting the roles well. They could order the roles to be redone if he doesn’t find them acceptable. The Producers are responsible for producing the program. They would determine how loud or low the sounds will be. Other duties include the sound effects, picture quality and final work on the program.

Every member of the production crew pays attention to their specific roles knowing that any failure on their part will ultimately tell in the final work. Just like every successful team, no member is to be preferred to the other; whilst some duties are more technical than others, they are all very essential. So the next time you see any program on your TV screen, look beyond the presenter smiling at you, picture with your mind’s eyes the numerous team members making it happen.

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How to Produce Your Own Documentary

Some people love watching documentaries; they can stay glued to it because of the wealth of information from them. I love documentaries too but they must be sports related to get my attention. Recently I produced a documentary and it won a lot of accolades from different quarters. I even uploaded it online and it was amazing how many views I got on it alone and the reviews of my audience. Documentaries are important but one must ensure the information within is true and credible.

Creating your documentary is not as difficult as it sounds neither is it as challenging as the TVs make them appear. You can make your own documentary featuring the things you desire and get it for everyone to see. Before you set out, you need to ask a number of questions; what kind of documentary do I want to make? Is it about a person, wildlife, or life in school or a new product? Whatever it is, you must settle that first and then set off gathering your content.

Documentaries are more interesting when they are videos. No one would be excited reading texts scrolling by regardless of what information you want to communicate. The catch is the images; moving images otherwise known as videos are always better than still images. In sourcing for videos for your content, ensure your videos are either yours or ones without any copyright restrictions to it. The videos should be clear and visible and as much as possible, ones you know is catchy to your target audience.

Putting the videos or images together can be challenging to one who is not very conversant with production. However this stage could involve talking to a ‘geek’ or one conversant with such things. There are also some computer software applications that make it easier to tailor the videos together just as you desire them. Whether you are doing this stage yourself or you are sought for someone to help you with it, you should ensure just what you want is represented in the videos.

Regardless of what information you are communicating in your documentary, you must determine who your reach is; this will decide where you post your videos and who has access to it. If however you want a limitless coverage for your videos then you might post it online on the internet. Places to upload videos on the internet abound. You can either put it on blogs, websites or video sites. For some of the video sites however you might need to create an account first.

Your documentaries deserve to be shown the world whole but ensure you do your research well first. If you intend to post online then it should be accurate otherwise you can be sure you will get negative reviews on them. It is advisable to create room for reviews by others so you can know what they think about it as to improve or edit them where there are errors. Don’t forget to sign your name at the end; ‘Produced and arranged by Big Joe’ you could get yourself a job, who knows?

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The Future of TV

Statistics show that young people spend less time on the Television and more on the internet today. Well, not just young people but adults too. This has been buoyed by the number of internet enabled devices in the environment today. As ‘common’ as cell phones are, most of them are internet enabled and very affordable. There is hardly any young person in any part of the world who cannot maneuver their way through on the internet. There are no mincing words; the internet is the future of TV.

Several years ago some spouses would complain their partners loved the TV more than the family; ‘He rather spends all his time glued to the TV than with me and the kids’, they would whine. Well, that looks like it has stopped of course but a new one has been birthed; ‘He pays more attention to his laptop or mobile phone than to me’. It appears you won the battle against the TV but someone or rather something else has beaten you to him again!

The internet had steadily grown becoming popular and favorite for most people. There is hardly an end to the activities one can do online; you can hardly see or hear anyone say they are bored online. Internet access is readily made available for different locations and whether cell phones or PDAs or laptops. Some even don’t mind using them even along the streets. Where fees are required before use, it has been made affordable. The speed of spread is alarming and the excitement is same; tangible.

The Big question today is; why do you want to watch TV? Is it for the news or movies or is it sports or music? The TV stations being aware of how lesser and lesser their audience is getting now have also created strong online presence for themselves. The goal is to remain the favourite for the viewers by following them to where their passion currently is. Most of these stations have online TVs where most of their programs can be viewed over and over.

One of the advantages the internet gives the user that the TV would not is control. Back then if anyone missed a program for any reason then that’s it. They may never have the chance to see it again except the stations repeated it but with the internet, it is different. The internet user has control; he can view the contents over and over and can even download them on his device storing them for as long as he desires; exactly what most people prefer.

The era of TV is gradually fizzling out of the boxes into the Pcs and internet enabled mobile devices. The alarming figure rates that just 23% of young people between the ages 16 to 24 claim they would struggle without TV. It leaves one wondering just how much longer the TVs are going to be around. By the time these young people become Daddies and Mommies, they might not even have TVs in their homes. Maybe there may not even be TVs in the world then.

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